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Arm Lift

Pregnancy, weight change, and ageing can all contribute to an excess of loose skin or fatty tissue on the upper arms, which can leave a person feeling self-conscious or limited in the clothing they can wear. Arm lifts are a popular procedure for patients who are unhappy with excess skin or fatty tissue of the upper arms. This procedure is intended to tighten the skin and recontour the shape of the arms, providing the patient with a more lean appearance and increased confidence.


Good candidates for arm lift surgery have excessive skin or fatty tissue along their upper arms between the elbow and shoulder. They should be close to their goal weight and in good health.

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Arm lifts are performed while the patient is under IV sedation or general anesthesia. First, a fluid known as tumescent liposuction fluid is infused into the fatty tissues of the upper arm. Liposuction is then performed using a fine cannula to suck out fatty tissue and contour the back and sides of the arm. There are two different incisions that can be used for an arm lift, depending on the patient’s individual requirements. Patients with excessive loose skin require an incision from the armpit to the elbow to remove a greater quantity of loose skin. Patients with a smaller amount of excess skin may only require an incision in the armpit. Drains are placed under the skin to reduce swelling. The patient is then placed in a compression sleeve to reduce swelling and hold bandages in place during the recovery process.


Patients recovering from an arm lift will have mild pain, which can be easily controlled with oral pain medication. Drains are removed after one week, while most of the sutures for an arm lift are dissolving and do not need to be removed. Patients must wear compression sleeves to reduce swelling for three to six weeks after surgery. They can resume normal exercise after six weeks.

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