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Photofacial (BBL)

Photofacials are a popular way to improve brown and red discoloration of the skin. Each photofacial treatment effectively treats sun spots, superficial moles, age spots, vascular lesions, discolored scars, and rosacea. The result is cleaner, brighter looking skin. Dr. Kim has the advanced Sciton Joule Laser System with the photofacial BBL, which uses broadband light and specific filters to target a patient’s problems. The Sciton system has a chilled handpiece to make the procedure more comfortable and to protect the skin, allowing for more advanced treatment settings.


Ideal candidates for photofacials have red and brown discoloration of the skin–both superficial and deep–resulting from sun damage, aging, blood vessels, or scars. Photofacial treatments are more effective for patients with lighter skin color. If a patient is tan or very darkly pigmented, photofacials are not recommended and Dr. Kim can recommend safer, more effective treatment methods.


Photofacials are a short, 15 minute procedure. The patient wears protective goggles and  feels flashes of light on their skin. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure. Cold air and further contact-cooling are provided to minimize the patient’s discomfort. 


Patients can resume activity immediately after a photofacial, including exercise and makeup use. For greater improvement, patients should seek additional treatments after four weeks. 


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