Liposuction is a common surgical technique that is used to permanently remove deposits of excess fat and to improve contours or shape. Liposuction can be performed all over the body.  Laser or radiofrequency treatments can be used to stimulate collagen and achieve some skin tightening.  


Liposuction may be a good option for patients who have stubborn areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise or are out of proportion to the body. Patients with good skin quality are the best candidates for liposuction. Good candidates for liposuction should have realistic expectations and understand that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, nor will it get rid of cellulite.


Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under local anaesthetic with oral sedation, with iv sedation or with general anesthesia. Small incisions, about ¼ inch long, are made near the zones to be treated. A dilute solution of local anesthesia is infused into the fatty tissues to numb the area and reduce bleeding. At this stage, if energy-assisted liposuction is being performed, the laser or radiofrequency energy is delivered to the tissue via a small probe. Then a thin hollow tube or cannula is used to separate and suction out undesired fat from the area. The small incisions are then closed with a suture, and absorbent pads and a compression garment are placed over the treated areas. 


It is common for patients to report some blood-tinged fluid draining from the surgical incisions for a few days following surgery, so patients should sleep on towels or absorbent pads. Often patients report mild pain, which may require medication for two to three days. Patients should sponge bathe until they are given doctor’s approval to shower. Patients can resume driving once they are off pain medication, typically around two or three days after surgery. Depending on swelling, patients can return to light work after two to three days and exercise after a week. The surgical areas may be swollen and bruised for several weeks following the procedure.


Frequently asked questions

Yes! Dr Kim has been board certified in Plastic Surgery since 2004.

Liposuction is permanent fat removal using thin cannulas under the skin. Laser or radiofrequency energy can be used in areas where the skin is mildly loose to stimulate collagen, tighten skin, and liquify fat.

Fees will change depending on the number of areas being treated and the volume of fat that is removed. Small, focused areas could cost $2000, whereas a treatment involving many zones could be upwards of $5500–plus anesthesia costs, as required.

Yes! Many patients are great candidates to receive liposuction while under local anesthesia only.

Patients are often driving in two to three days and can return to sedentary/desk work within a similar time frame. Light exercise can be resumed at one week.

"No matter how hard I worked out there were some areas after having children that the fat just wouldn't budge. Dr. Kim gave my body and youth back!"

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