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Find a plastic surgeon near me in Danbury, CT if you’re interested in recapturing your younger days or improving your body’s appearance in any way. Contact Dr. CS Kim Plastic Surgery today. He has transformed the bodies of countless patients throughout the area as a Top East Coast Plastic Surgeon. You can count on Dr. Kim, a top surgeon in Fairfield County for tummy tucks, breast reductions, and breast augmentations. Providing you with the best cosmetic surgery experience is the goal of our medical professionals at our cosmetic surgery clinic.

Dr. CS Kim’s biography

Providing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Chang Soo Kim is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The care he provides to his patients is unparalleled and has been the focus of his practice for over 30 years. In contrast to excessive or artificial techniques, his methods enhance natural beauty.

He received his medical degree from Yale School of Medicine. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has certified him as a Board Certified plastic surgeon after completing his plastic surgery residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Yale Plastic Surgery Society, and the American Medical Association are some of the professional societies in which Dr. Kim is a member.

Since Dr. Kim has more than three decades of experience and extensive training, he can help you transform virtually any aspect of your body.

Experienced Surgeons:

Dr CS Kim Plastic Surgery boasts a team of board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience in delivering superior aesthetic results.

Personalized Care:

We provide tailored treatment plans based on a thorough understanding of your goals and expectations, ensuring a bespoke service experience in Fairfield County, CT.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

Our use of advanced surgical techniques and technology minimizes recovery time and enhances outcomes, setting a new standard for plastic surgery.

Procedures involved in cosmetic surgery

His practice specializes in a range of plastic surgery procedures aimed at improving his patients’ natural appearance. In addition to surgery, he offers the following services:

  • An overview of body procedures
  • Breast
  • An augmentation of the breast
  • Fat grafting for breast augmentation
  • Lifting the breasts
  • Reduction of breast size
  • Revision of the breast
  • Women’s gynecomastia
  • The mommy makeover
  • Face
  • The facetite
  • A facelift or necklift
  • The rhinoplasty procedure
  • The blepharoplasty procedure
  • Fat crafting

In order to improve the appearance of patients, Dr. Kim realizes that not everybody wants to undergo surgery. Because of this, he also offers a complete line of state-of-the-art injectables to enhance the skin and erase fine lines and wrinkles. As part of Dr. CS Kim’s non-surgical practice, he offers the following services:

  • Dysport / Botox
  • The fillers
  • Sculptra
  • Using chemicals to peel
  • The photofacial
  • Peeling with a microlaser
  • Mini FX / Body FX
  • The contoura plus
  • Radiofrequency microneedling (MorpheusB)

Dr. CS Kim Plastic Surgery can help you transform your body whether you want to improve one part of it or the whole thing.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. CS Kim

The Fairfield County region considers Dr. CS Kim as one of its leading plastic surgeons. For impeccable results, he combines cutting-edge surgical techniques with a highly sophisticated level of artistry.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Kim has received several awards and accolades for his pinpoint precision and masterful results. His patients are extremely satisfied with his services. It is true that he is a master of cosmetic surgery.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to patients, and Dr. Kim understands this. Every individual has different needs and goals when it comes to plastic surgery. Dr. CS Kim takes a customized approach to each procedure he performs to ensure that every patient receives the results they are hoping for. We will sit down for a consultation and discuss your goals. Following your consultation and after performing an in-depth assessment, Dr. Kim will develop an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.

In addition to having a single surgical procedure, you may also be interested in a combination of various types of treatments, including surgical and non-surgical ones. If you choose Dr. Kim as your plastic surgeon, you can rest assured that your health, well-being, and appearance will be in the best hands possible.

Dr. CS Kim’s Plastic Surgery Center

The CS Kim Plastic Surgery clinic in Danbury, CT offers a full range of cosmetic surgery services. We serve patients throughout Fairfield County from our state-of-the-art facility. All procedures are performed in the comfort of our clinic by Dr. Kim and his team of professional medical experts using the most advanced tools, cutting-edge technologies, and revolutionary techniques.

It is well known that CS Kim Plastic Surgery is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Fairfield County. In the past few years, we have been awarded numerous accolades and awards. Our team takes great pride in providing our patients with quality services and positive outcomes. For women and men throughout the region who want to improve their physical appearance, Dr. Kim and his team provide compassionate care, impeccable quality, and long-term results.

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Danbury is a city in Fairfield County, Connecticut, located approximately 50 miles (80 km) northeast of New York City. Danbury’s population as of 2020 was 86,518. It is the third-largest city in Western Connecticut, and the seventh-largest city in Connecticut.

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