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Tips to Help You Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon in Silvermine, CT

For more than 30 years, CS Kim Plastic Surgery has been helping patients throughout the Silvermine, CT area enhance their appearance. The board-certified plastic surgeon at our top-rated, Joint Commission Accredited cosmetic surgery clinic can help you regain your youth, improve your silhouette, and restore your confidence. Offering a variety of surgical treatments, including tummy tucks, facelifts, rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, and much, much more, when you choose Dr. CS Kim for your plastic surgery needs, you can have confidence knowing that you will be working with one of the most trusted cosmetic surgeons in the region.

Finding the Best Fairfield County Cosmetic Surgeon for You

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery and are looking for a plastic surgeon near me, you want to be sure that you select the most capable and qualified doctor possible. Many people assume that all cosmetic surgeons can perform the specific procedure they are interested in having done, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Not all physicians are qualified or experienced in every cosmetic procedure.

If you choose the right doctor, plastic surgery can be a wonderful experience; however, if you make the wrong decision, there’s a chance that things may not go the way you intended and your life could potentially be changed forever – and not in a positive way. Therefore, it’s important to meet with several doctors and thoroughly vet their practice before deciding which surgeon to work with.

How can you determine which doctor is the right choice for you? Here’s a list of criteria that you can use to determine whether or not a surgeon is the best fit for your needs.


Any cosmetic surgeon you are considering working with – whether they’re tummy tuck surgeons, breast augmentation surgeons, breast reduction surgeons, rhinoplasty surgeons, etc. – should board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only plastic surgery board that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

In order to receive a board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a physician must go through and pass a rigorous process. Before you even begin the process of scheduling a consultation with a physician, make sure that he or she is board-certified. Check their website or contact them directly to find out.

It’s also advisable to choose a doctor who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Though it isn’t a certifying agency, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is a highly respected society and members are required to adhere to a rigorous set of training and safety standards in order to qualify for and maintain membership.

These credentials are extremely important, as they indicate that a cosmetic surgeon is credible and is qualified to perform plastic surgery procedures. Given the fact that there are a lot of untrained doctors who claim to be cosmetic surgeons, but in reality, they aren’t, making sure that your physician is qualified is imperative. Having an unqualified doctor perform your surgery could end with disastrous and dangerous results.

Examine Style and Approach

In order to deliver top-quality results, a cosmetic plastic surgeon needs to have more than advanced training and knowledge; a doctor also needs to have a high level of artistry. Every person’s body is different. As such, the best plastic surgeon for your procedure is someone whose style aligns with your goals and who can customize the treatment to your unique needs. A reputable cosmetic surgeon will take a customized approach to meet your specific and one-of-a-kind objectives.

To gain insight into their style, review plastic surgeons’ galleries of work and before and after pictures of patients that they have treated. Look for results that appear to be in-line with the aesthetic goals that you are hoping to achieve.

When you schedule a consultation, ask to see as many pictures as possible, as well as case studies and testimonials from past patients. Inquire about the doctor’s approach, too, and how he or she will devise a treatment plan for your procedure.

Assess the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Most cosmetic surgeries are performed outside of a hospital setting at a specialized cosmetic surgery clinic. Be sure that the facility is accredited. In order to receive accreditation, cosmetic plastic surgery facilities must adhere to the highest safety, care, and quality standards.

Reputable cosmetic surgery centers will be accredited by a credible organization and will hold, at the very least, one of the following certifications:

  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
  • Licensure from the state the facility is located in
  • Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care
  • American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAASF)

In addition to being accredited, the clinic should be comfortable and welcoming. The equipment and technologies that are used should be state-of-the-art and kept in pristine condition. The facility should be impeccably clean and meet the highest level of sanitary standards possible.

To get a feel for the clinic, arrange to take a tour. If it seems like something is off or you just don’t feel comfortable, look elsewhere. The last thing you want to do is have your cosmetic procedure performed in a location that you don’t feel comfortable being in.


Just like any other health care specialist, you want to make sure that you feel completely comfortable with your plastic surgeon; you want to feel as if you can trust him or her to make the right decisions for your health and well-being. Good bedside manner, clear dialogue, and open and honest communication with your cosmetic surgeon and the surgical staff make all the difference in the world.

Make sure that you connect with the surgeon and the staff of the facility. You should feel welcomed and at ease. All of your questions should be answered in a way that you can easily understand; not full of medical terms and jargon that leaves you wondering. Any concerns that you have should be addressed.

The best surgeons will tell you exactly what you can expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. CS Kim Plastic Surgery

If you’re interested in having plastic surgery in Silvermine, CT and you’re looking for the most qualified and capable cosmetic surgeon, contact Dr. CS Kim Plastic Surgery. Dr. Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. In the more than three decades that he has been practicing, Dr. Kim has transformed the appearance and improved the confidence of hundreds of patients.

To schedule a consultation and to arrange for a tour of our Joint Commission Accredited plastic surgery clinic, please call 203-920-1444 or visitwww.CSKimPlastics.com and complete our online contact form.

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